Teen Leadership Program

At age 14, teens go through a wilderness rite of passage to mark their transition from camper to teen leader. Summer camp and monthly outdoor and wilderness outings build community, leadership, and important social and emotional skills. 

The Junior Counselor program, beginning at age 15, empowers teen leaders to guide and counsel younger children in the program. They receive youth development and life skill training, preparing them for their junior counselor job at Avary and ultimately, the broader working world. 

The Peace Makers is the teen advocacy program group, which gives voice to the forgotten needs of the children of incarcerated parents and asserts the implementation of the CIP Bill of Rights at the local, state, and national level. 

Currently the Peace Makers are leading pioneering restorative justice parenting workshops inside California prisons, sharing their stories and guiding incarcerated parents as they develop strong relationships with their own children. Watch the powerful video below to learn more.