Refer A Child-

Children’s caregivers or their teachers, counselors, or social workers can initiate the enrollment process. The online intake questionnaire will take 15-20 minutes, is confidential and will only be seen by authorized staff.  An Avary staff member will follow-up with a phone call.

Children may enroll in Project Avary at any time during the year. 
Intake Process and Eligibility Requirements:

  • Child is ideally 8 or 9 so that he or she can spend a long period of time in our program. We focus on long-term results and seek to foster deeper relationships that grow and develop over many years. Depending on the circumstances, children who are older may be considered. Please reach out to the Avary office for further information.

  • Child has a parent or close family member who is currently incarcerated or has been previously incarcerated. This incarceration must be emotionally significant to the child. The incarceration must have taken place in a prison or jail. If you are confused about the child’s eligibility, please contact the Avary office.

  • Child must know about the incarceration prior to their participation in any Avary programming. We understand this is an extremely sensitive topic. In an effort to bring the discussion of incarceration out of the shadows, we speak openly about familial incarceration. If and when children are also ready to share, we create space for them to do so. At age 8, it is developmentally appropriate to share with your child about their loved one’s incarceration. If you want support on how to have this conversation with your child, please contact the Project Avary office.

  • We are currently only enrolling children who live in Oakland or San Francisco. If your child lives in another Bay Area location, please contact the Project Avary office for further enrollment information.

  • We are looking to enroll children and families who are eager to become a part of this community and not just attend camp. This is a year-round leadership development program that also hosts a summer camp for our participants. The outings throughout the year enable us develop deep relationships with our youth and help them to process the impact of their parent’s incarceration. This cannot only be done once a year and it is imperative that it is being done on an ongoing basis. The children who we see the most are the ones who fully benefit from our program. Children must attend a minimum of 2 Adventure Day outings throughout the year. We offer outings each month throughout the school year so there are plenty of opportunities for children to attend even if they are active in church, sporting leagues, family outings etc.

  • Child must have a parent or guardian who is legally authorized to complete and sign permission slips and liability waivers and can return them to the office via mail, email or text in a timely fashion.

  • Children must be able to get to the pick up and drop off locations on time. The time is set beforehand on the permission slip, but it is always subject to change and times are finalized a day or two before the outing. We realize that transportation may be difficult for many of our families, but we are not able to provide home pick ups/drop offs.

    • Pick-up/Drop-off locations:

      • San Francisco- Upper level parking lot in front of Petco at 16th St and Potrero Ave

      • East Bay- La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley at 3105 Shattuck Ave

      • Marin- Montecito Shopping Center in San Rafael in front of Rite Aid at 471 3rd St

  • Once both Referrals are in and have been reviewed by Avary staff, a determination will be made about the child’s enrollment. If it is in the Spring before Summer Camp, we ask that they attend at least one Adventure Day before going to summer camp so that they can get to know other youth and Avary staff and help familiarize themselves with the structure of our program. If they are enrolled in the Fall or Winter, we ask that they attend the standard 2 Adventure Day outings before attending Summer Camp.

If you have questions about a child's eligiblity, please contact the office at 415-457-8799.

To start the process:

Caregivers Click Here to fill out an intake questionnaire.
Teachers, counselors, social workers, or other third party referring partners Click Here to fill out an intake questionnaire.
Or, you may request an intake questionnaire by calling our office at 415-457-8799, or by sending a request to
After we receive both online intakes we will contact you to complete the referral process.