Change a Life!
Mentor a Child with an Incarcerated Parent
It is our mission to end generational cycles
of incarceration and YOU can help!


The central task of Avary Mentors involves the journey of awakening the unique, inner spirit of each youth. Every human being comes into this world with an inborn sense of meaning and a potential for greatness. When we live aligned with this inner wisdom, our worlds can be filled with meaning, beauty, and the power that comes from being true to our authentic self. Living from our center gives us the resiliency and grit that we need to thrive amidst the challenges and obstacles that life presents. But for most of us, we need a guide to help us remember our inborn brilliance and natural capacity to thrive.

Many of our communities are plagued by a generational cycle of woundedness and soul loss. Issues of violence, depression, and suicide in our young people often comes from a lack of seeing and confirming their inner nobility and the gifts that their soul has to offer. The human spirit needs to feel valued and loved, its distinct gifts need to be welcomed. In the past, this validation used to come from the community elders, from the mentors, but unfortunately this is no longer the norm. Instead of being respected and honored for who they are, young people today face intense pressure to conform and fit in. They are judged, made to feel that they don’t matter or that they aren’t deserving of life. This causes a woundedness and a loss of spirit.

The need and the call to the mentor and the community elder is to help end this generational cycle of pain and suffering. The Avary Mentor helps to guide and awaken a young person to their potential, revealing the gifts they have to give the world. The mentor honors the nobility and inner spirit of the youth. They see and respect the brilliance within the mentee, reflect it to the child, and support the youth to claim and live their truth in life.

We do this by being a consistent and positive presence in a young person’s life. We show up and affirm the infinite possibility that is within them. We affirm that they matter, and that their gifts are needed by society. Over time the mentee develops a deeper relationship with their authentic self and is guided to walk with firm footing on their path towards self discovery.


“When you do not require a person to show up as you imagine you need them to be, then you can drop expectation. Then you love them exactly as they are. Yet this can only happen when you love your Self exactly as you are.”  -N.D. Walsch

Throughout human history, elders have held honored roles that were embedded into the fabric of society. They have been the nurturers of community, the spiritual leaders, the guardians of the traditions, the teachers, mentors and initiators of the young. Elders have been the ones who have converted knowledge and experience into wisdom and then modeled this wisdom as they teach the younger generations about what it means to mature, discover one’s calling and one’s gifts in service to the larger community. They have been the bridges that link the generations.

In today’s hyper connected world, elders aren’t afforded that same kind of respect. The bridge has collapsed. It has left the elders and the youth isolated on opposite sides of the same river. If we are to rebuild and strengthen our communities, we must imagine and construct new expressions of elderhood to fill in the generation gap.

Elderhood does not have an age requirement. It is not a state that you arrive at with the passage of time. As you mentor young people, you’re building a bridge to your own identity as an elder. A cornerstone in the foundation of mentoring is a person’s awareness of the nobility of their own soul and knowing how to keep that present in the face of struggle with the youth. With that, the adults involved are also better equipped in blessing the nobility in the young people.

In our society, when a young person gets in trouble punitive measures are taken. But if we see the trouble as an inarticulate plea for help, a teaching moment is born. Real teaching happens when mistakes are made. If an adult is paying attention, the mistake is an indicator of what the young person needs to learn. Mentoring at-risk youth requires taking a risk yourself. Elderhood is born when you jump into the rough waters of life with a youth and develop your own capacity to swim better. You operate with a trust that your higher self will present you with the wisdom needed to guide and inspire your mentee.

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