Through early intervention and long-term support, we are changing lives and putting a stop to generational cycles of incarceration.


Proven Success

Since 1999, Project Avary has served over 1,000 children of incarcerated parents (CIP). Our annual evaluation shows psycho-social development in areas proven to promote resilient and thriving young adults:

  • 96% of Avary youth show improvement in resiliency, attachment, connection with a caring adult, connection with a positive peer group, communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting, leadership, and positive view of their future
  • 84% of Avary graduates completed at least one year of college, compared to 20% for the control* 
  • Only 6% of Avary graduates have been involved with the criminal justice system, compared to a 30% arrest rate for the control**

1 in every 28 children in the U.S. have a parent in jail or prison;
300,000 of those children live in the Bay Area


Annual cost to support
one Project Avary youth


Annual cost FOR ONE
incarcerated person in California

Camp Avary has made me smarter, stronger, & healthier.
Because of those reasons I have become a better person inside and out.
- Project Avary Teen

* Source: CA College Pathways
** Source: Fragile Families Study