Family Unity Program

Family unity is critical for the child, caregiver, the incarcerated parent and the community. The health of these bonds should be included as a consideration and then supported in the prison reform and reentry movement. 

We provide a number of resources to strengthen family connectedness. Facilitated peer-to-peer monthly Caregiver Groups build bonds of mutual support and assistance among caregivers. Family Unity Activities include a spring and winter gathering for children and caregivers to strengthen family relationships and to foster connections within the Avary community.  

Family Advocate Case Managers

Family Advocate case managers provide year-round crisis support, connecting families to vital community resources. And finally, pioneering prison and jail Parenting Classes, led by our young adult graduates, teach incarcerated mothers and fathers about the impact of their incarceration on the child, and support incarcerated parents to build healthy relationships with their children on the outside.

family camp

Family Camp is a unique and transformative experience where our youth and their caregivers gather to strengthen family bonds and to heal from the impacts generational incarceration has had on their families.