We are stronger than ever here at Avary...

And we feel that with every interaction we have with our youth. 

We've set some important goals for this year:

  • We'll serve over 125 youth for 10 years, helping them heal from the impacts of their parent's incarceration.

  • We're adding a mentorship program for our most at-risk youth

  • We're holding a family camp to help strengthen bonds between our kids and their caregivers

  • We're heading into California prisons with a group of our teens and alumni, leading workshops for over 250 incarcerated men and women, helping them reconcile with their own children.

To help us properly expand this new programming, we've raised our sponsorship goals substantially.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Executive Director, Zach Whelan, at zach@projectavary.org or Director of Community Resources, Amy DeLeon, at amy@projectavary.org or call the office at 415-457-8799.

Thank you to our 2018 sponsors. we're so grateful for your commitment!

kim & zach hyman

david herzer

Molly Burke, M.D. & Michael Valan, M.D.

michael Hanley

Jack & Clare Friedman

Dawn Grzena & Nicole Ostrowski

Rick Mariano & Katherine Feinstein

Emi Uyehara

Karen & Steve Bovarnick