Children's Program

Vibrant School-Year Enrichment Program

This year-long program offers weekly weekend outings and retreats that strengthen connections to the Avary community and introduce children to a diversity of experiences and perspectives, build resilience and confidence in young people, and develop basic social and life skills. 

Residential Summer Camp

Summer camp provides children and teens a safe place in nature for self-discovery, reflection, and for connecting with the curative powers of the outdoors. Camp offers the time and space for children to form authentic, lifelong relationships with peers and caring adults. Children under 14 participate in traditional summer camp activities (swimming, hiking, music, arts & crafts, etc.) along with therapeutic campfire discussion circles and expressive art activities about the shame, stigma, and grief of having a parent in prison. All youth receive training in stress reduction, anger management and conflict resolution through yoga, meditation, and non-violent communication.