Are you passionate about working with children? Do you want to foster healthy relationships with youth and help them develop essential social, emotional and life skills? Do you believe in social justice and criminal justice reform?

If so, then Camp Avary wants YOU!

Camp Dates:

July 15-17 Mandatory Staff Training

July 18-23 Session A

July 24-29 Session B


Cabin Counselor & Associate CaBIN COUNSELOR

Our Cabin Counselors and Associate Cabin Counselors are at the heart of the camp's success and are essential to each camper's overall satisfaction. Being a Cabin Counselor or Associate Cabin Counselor is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. As a Cabin Counselor or Associate Cabin Counselor, you live with, supervise and mentor the children in your cabin while also attending a variety of learning workshops. Campers spend the majority of time with their cabin-mates and counselors and develop close relationships during each camp session. Each cabin consists of two counselors and 6-7 campers. Counselors will also be responsible for training and supervising teens in the leadership program when they are scheduled to help out in their cabin. They may also have a Junior Counselor (who is a Project Avary youth) working with them in their cabin.

Camp Resource Specialist

We rely on our Camp Resource Specialists to bring the expertise of their craft to the children during 1.5 hour workshops. These structured workshops are expected to introduce campers to a new activity, captivate their attention, and teach them a creative or useful skill. Some examples include: art, poetry, martial arts, archery, yoga, drama, dance, nature class. While technically Resource Specialists spend less time with the children, they are also responsible for morning and night supervision, the coordination of various evening activities and fostering an overall environment of community and love. Resource Specialists will also be responsible for coaching and training older teens in their area of expertise. We also rely on them to step in and support individual cabins as needed.