Avary Voices 

Avary Voices is a video series, sharing stories and personal reflections of youth in the Avary Community.

The fact that we all share that one thing in common, makes it comfortable,
and a place you can open up and feel like you can belong.”
- Avary Jr. Counselor

Watch below a video testimony about Project Avary's impact by Piper Kerman,
prison reform advocate and best-selling author of Orange is the New Black.

Preview Documentary Film Being Made about Project Avary

For over a year, Bay Area filmmaker John Beck has followed several Project Avary youth and the evolving challenges we face in our program to show on a very intimate level the effects of mass incarceration on the American family. The documentary film will tell the story of how a concert by the Grateful Dead members at San Quentin in the '90's led to a band manager and a prison chaplain joining forces in support of children of the incarcerated. It takes viewers behind bars to show the ongoing generational cycle of incarceration and shines a light on the children and families left behind, looking for the answer to the question: How do we break the generational cycle of incarceration? Here's a sneak preview of "Invisible Bars" before it comes out in 2016: