Camp Avary

The camp videos showcase the heart and soul of Project Avary. Watch as the children, alumni and staff share their camp experience and how much the program means to them.

The Independence of Love

Learn about Project Avary's pioneering work inside California Prisons. Watch as the teen leadership group, the "Peacemakers", leads restorative justice parenting workshops that guide incarcerated parents as they build relationships with their own children.

How it all began

Watch to learn about Project Avary's history and how we got started.

Avary Voices

Avary Voices is a video series, sharing stories and personal reflections of youth in the Avary Community.

The fact that we all share that one thing in common, makes it comfortable,
and a place you can open up and feel like you can belong.”
- Avary Jr. Counselor

Watch below a video testimony about Project Avary's impact by Piper Kerman,
prison reform advocate and best-selling author of Orange is the New Black.

Preview "invisible bars", a Documentary Film about Project Avary

For over a year, Bay Area filmmaker John Beck has followed several Project Avary youth and the evolving challenges we face in our program to show on a very intimate level the effects of mass incarceration on the American family. The documentary film will tell the story of how a concert by the Grateful Dead members at San Quentin in the '90's led to a band manager and a prison chaplain joining forces in support of children of the incarcerated. It takes viewers behind bars to show the ongoing generational cycle of incarceration and shines a light on the children and families left behind, looking for the answer to the question: How do we break the generational cycle of incarceration? Here's a sneak preview of "Invisible Bars" before it comes out in 2016: